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The Spiritual Kingdom of Mystic Light

Our Spiritual Kingdom’s primary mission is to stand on a foundation of African, Native American, and Ancient Indigenous spirituality in recognition of our shared ancestry and not isolate, segregate, or confine ourselves to any one ideology.

Our Spiritual Kingdom believes that Mother Earth and humanity are in a serious state of ill health. We are operating out of alignment with the natural universal laws and principles that govern balance, order, harmony, and union. These fundamental principles are necessary to activate the transmutational process for individual and planetary healing and transformation. 

As a unified matrilineal and patrilineal Spiritual Kingdom, we seek to follow the divine truths of our Enlightened Ancestors while living in sacred universal harmony and cultivating our unique gifts from our individual and collectively shared wisdom, knowledge, and life experiences. Realizing that it is all a continuum where the past has formed our present perception of reality, which will create our future. 

Our Spiritual Kingdom is multi-racial, ethnic, cultural, and religious representing the Royal Priesthood, holistic healers, and truth seekers seeking to find that Spiritual Kingdom that reconnects them to their Original Greatness, Life’s Purpose, and Divinity.

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