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The Institute Mission

To creatively assist individuals in reconnecting to their Original Greatness, Life’s purpose, and Divinity

Our Philosophy
We Seek No Followers

  • We seek to offer a path of illumination toward the Source within and offer spiritual sanctuary for those truth seekers who are on the path of enlightenment through service.

  • We seek to stand on a foundation of African and Native American spirituality in recognition of our shared ANCESTRY and do not desire to isolate, segregate or confine ourselves to any one particular ideology.

  • We seek to realize the unlimited undifferentiated Source of All Creation, whose Light manifests within each of us regardless of our theological, philosophical, ideological, political, cultural and/or spiritual orientation.

  • We seek to experience union with the Source of All Creation by evolving as fully integrated beings reflecting the One Light of All Creation and honoring and celebrating the UNITY reflected within all spiritual traditions.

  • We seek to follow the Divine Truths of our Enlightened Ancestors while cultivating our own unique gifts from our individual and collectively shared experiences. Realizing that it is all a continuum where the past has formed our present perception of reality, which will create our future.

  • We seek no followers. We seek Divine Union through Resurrection, Ascension and Illumination.

We Believe

Planet Earth and the human race are in a serious state of ill health. Artificial and temporary methods of self-gratification have not successfully addressed western society’s increasing stress, depression and anxiety. We are operating out of alignment with the natural universal laws and principles that govern balance, order, harmony and union.

Many of those seeking change find themselves bombarded with “spin the dial, new age, garden variety” spirituality often devoid of true spiritual sustenance. This has left many people with a feeling of spiritual disconnection. They are stumbling frantically through life feeling like victims of a collective spiritual amnesia.

Humanity is in need of something deeper, richer, more fulfilling and longer lasting. Many are longing and searching to find that “spiritual gateway” that reconnects them to their Original Greatness, Life’s Purpose and Divinity.

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